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Lately, there have been a lot of articles published by Generation Y websites that gives you lists of reasons why being 20 is awesome, why being 20 sucks, why you should date a man who travels, why you should love a girl who reads.

They are fun to read, entertaining, and there is truth in a lot of what these authors say. But I feel like it’s too easy to turn these articles into guidelines of how you should live your life. I was there once. I read them religiously, compared my life to the top 10 list and checked off what applied to me and what didn’t. It’s too easy to let the opinions of others influence you. Everyone should just do what they want. As they say, go with your gut. Do what you want in your 20s, 30s, 40s. Date any guy you want and don’t analyze the guy that you are dating with the words of an overly fluffed article. 

However, I think anyone in their 20s should follow this one piece of advice. Find a hobby and perfect it. Let it become you, engulf you, and fire you with passion. Because that hobby will be your light when days are confusing and hazy. It will be your therapy.

That’s what I’m currently exploring. The rest will work itself out. 

Conversations with Joe:

While taking a shower…

"ugh I need a tan."

"you need a fan?"

"i need a tan."

"you need a pan?"

"yeah…I need a pan…." [sarcastic tone]

"what kind of pan?"

"a frying pan"

"yeah, those are pretty nice."

"oh my god Joe, i said tan."



At the farmer’s market as we walked by a stall that sold handmade power outlets

Joe: “Look, they’re selling god damn power outlets”

Later that night

Me: “I can’t believe they were selling power outlets at Ballard today. It’s like, hey farmers, FUCK YOUR SUSTAINABLY GROWN POTATOES! I’m unique and i’m selling glazed hand crafted power outlets.”



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